Relatives of Legionnaires’ Victims Still Await ‘Justice’ From Pritzker, Raoul

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But it’s still the job of the alderman to run interference. Peter Breen during floor debate over a bill related to the controversial Legionnaires deaths in Quincy. The bill raises limits on damages.

Legionnaires’ disease Articles and posts. E-mails about the veterans’ home legionnaires’ crisis reveal what the state knew, and other Chicago news. J.B. Pritzker, Pat Quinn win top spots on.

The family of an 86-year-old woman who died after being diagnosed with Legionnaire’s disease is planning a lawsuit once the source of the outbreak is known, the family’s attorney said Monday.

Jury awards $1 million to families of victims in 2013 legionnaires’ outbreak.. of the some of the victims more than $1 million.. contracted Legionnaires’ later died. A family member told 69.

But four years after the first wave of Legionnaires’ deaths at the home in west-central Illinois, some victims’ families are teeing off on the attorney general and the governor for not resolving the legal fight after Democrats made the failures in Quincy a key campaign theme last year.

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New IL Legionnaires Disease Case: Quincy Veteran’s Home Possible Source. That outbreak in August and September 2015, sickened 45 people and killed twelve. Most of those who were sickened lived or worked at the Veteran’s Home. The buildings at that facility are old, but officials replaced the water system after that outbreak,

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Two Legionnaires Disease Lawsuits in Wisconsin Go Back to Trial Courts. If you or a family member have contracted Legionnaires’ Disease in the workplace, you can contact attorney Fred Pritzker at 1-888-377-8900 or use our free online consultation form.

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News Release September 9, 2016. Contact information Legionnaires’ disease investigation underway. The Minnesota Department of Health is working with Hennepin County Public Health officials to investigate a cluster of five confirmed cases of Legionnaires’ disease in people who live or work in Hopkins, Minn.

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Relatives of Legionnaires’ Victims Still Await ‘Justice’ From Pritzker, Raoul JB Pritzker campaigned on getting justice for victims’ families. But now that he’s governor, some are still awaiting closure.