Customers aren’t biting on prize-linked savings accounts

Could lottery-like prizes boost savings rates? Deposit accounts that offer customers a chance to win prizes can encourage sound saving behavior.

While most prize-linked savings accounts are targeted at local customers, a few institutions make accounts open to potential savers around the country. American First’s Big Prize Savings is one.

Here are the best online savings accounts from Bankrate for 2019: If you are looking for a low-risk way to save money over a long period of time, high yield savings accounts may be a good option.

But even with a chance to win money, most customers still aren’t saving. Twenty-nine states now permit credit unions or banks to offer "prize-linked" savings accounts, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures. This year, Utah enacted a law and Georgia passed a measure that awaits the governor’s signature.

Prize-linked savings accounts offer the chance to win prizes of up to $2 million. See how a prize-linked account works and which states offer them. These accounts offer the chance to win prizes of.

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Almost equally important as account balances, the banks that are using prize-linked savings report the product is an excellent customer acquisition tool. For example, during the first year of introduction, the data we reviewed showed a growth factor of 158 new accounts per year per $100mm of total assets.

Prize-linked savings (PLS) products are an innovative way to help individuals save, linking the fun and excitement of winning to savings. It’s a win-win for consumers – they set some money aside into a special savings account, gain interest and earn chances to win prizes.

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Can the lure of a lottery jackpot spur people to save more money in the bank? That is the question benjamin iverson wondered when he started researching prize-linked savings (pls) accounts.

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Prize-linked savings (PLS) accounts encourage people to save money by adding a lottery-like feature to certain accounts. Proponents argue that offering incentives to save through raffles is an entertaining way to save money. Opponents say PLS programs foster a gambling mentality.

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