Here’s a bright idea: buy an energy-efficient home

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Becoming more energy efficient isn't just for those of us who want to save the environment. Being energy efficient. There are many steps you can take to make your home more energy efficient. Get low-flow fixtures and appliances. This is because fluorescent light bulbs last 8-12 times longer than incandescent bulbs.

You can reduce energy waste, conserve resources and keep costs down at home. Here’s how.

Bright Idea: Save Money By Swapping Out Your Light Bulbs. Not many people stop to think about how many light bulbs they have in their home.. a block of time one afternoon to switch out your energy-gobbling bulbs for LED (light- emitting diode) replacements.. 7 Ways to Get Through the Airport Faster.

To celebrate the milestone, here’s a brief history of the cubicle, chronicling its rise from a bright idea to a staple of offices everywhere: Robert Propst, a designer for then-home furnishings.

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Before you take a look at how this works, here’s a peek into the vast range of products that you can shop for. Home.

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It's time to ditch those old lightbulbs with new, energy efficient lighting to save energy and money this holiday season. But before you toss the.

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It’s a decorative element that adds to your home’s look. And porch lights are evolving to reflect energy efficiency and light pollution concerns. Here’s what the experts. and helps camouflage.

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