‘I got morning sickness instead of freshers’ flu’

I never got freshers’ flu – I had morning sickness instead. While other students were drinking too much and kissing strangers, I sat in my room, wondering what to do about the embryo inside me.

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‘I got morning sickness instead of freshers’ flu’ You’re studying at one of the world’s top universities and then you get pregnant. What happens next? Please feel free to post any encouraging stories of motherhood (or fatherhood) that you may find.

Instead. on the flu. The New York City tally of confirmed cases (then 49) was far lower than the hundreds that officials knew to have been taken sick but not tested. Was the virus moving much.

What to do instead: Try holding up. “If you have morning sickness, I feel really awful for you, but I don’t need to suffer too.” Seriously. Do you post pictures when you have the flu? Or when.

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‘I got morning sickness instead of freshers’ flu’ Image copyright Richard Cave Image caption Emily and Aswathy both had children while studying at Oxford

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Any of the above can affect your daily schedule, energy availability, and overall willingness to get out of bed in the first place let alone lace up your running shoes. pregnant runners suffering from.

My 2 year old had the stomach flu on Weds and today between 7-8 weeks, I have felt nauseous all day and dry heaved this morning. I haven’t had any morning sickness thus far just some indigestion when I don’t eat.. Not sure if it’s morning sickness or stomach flu.

 · I am currently struggling with the stomach flu and 11 weeks pregnant (morning sickness + the stomach flu) and I am taking promethazine. Was at the er for quite some time being super dehydrated. I highly recommend this! Although you do need a.

Does morning sickness feel like the flu? Update Cancel. No Answers Yet. Answer Wiki.. When do you get morning sickness? Will I have morning sickness when im on my period?. Can diarrhea happen instead of morning sickness?

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I’m guessing it’s the freshers flu. Today I have lectures, but because I’m so tired, I’m worried that I could start to feel worse, and be sick. I don’t want to go to a lecture only to have to rush out again because I’m about to be sick!