The VA and the FDA are keeping veterans from a helpful treatment option, just because it’s marijuana

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In April 2016, the drug enforcement administration approved the first-ever controlled clinical trial to study the effectiveness of cannabis as a treatment for PTSD in military veterans, and in May, Congress voted to lift a federal ban that has prevented veterans’ access to medical marijuana through the VA in states that allow it.

Because PTSD and other trauma reactions change how a trauma survivor feels and acts, traumatic experiences that happen to one member of a family can affect everyone else in the family. When trauma reactions are severe and go on for some time without treatment, they can cause major problems in a family.

Although several other states have authorized medical marijuana sales to people with PTSD, the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs describes the practice as a growing concern because some veterans are.

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Since 2001, 364,000 veterans have received treatment for possible post-traumatic stress disorder. Some researchers believe the vets could benefit from a drug called MDMA. For 30 years, the federal.

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Weed for Warriors Project Gives Veterans Cannabis Freedom Veterans Affairs (VA) Drug And alcohol treatment programs find rehab Now Transitioning into civilian life after significant time spent undergoing countless measures of stress and living away from loved ones while in the United States Armed Forces can be a daunting journey unto itself.

The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs earlier this month issued a new directive for clinical programs that frees its doctors and pharmacists to discuss marijuana with military vets taking part.

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At issue is the researchers’ lack of access to the Department of Veterans Affairs hospital in Phoenix, just. exploring marijuana as a potential treatment for PTSD and other conditions, American.

The VA and the FDA are keeping veterans from a helpful treatment option, just because it’s marijuana by Trevor Burrus | May 13, 2019 03:36 PM

VA docs to be able to recommend marijuana in some states. Congress on Thursday gave veterans the right to discuss medical marijuana as a treatment option with their Veterans Affairs doctors in.