Toxic exposure on Army bases sparks battle for health benefits

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But might the same question be asked about Agent Orange in Vietnam? The U.S. military sprayed the toxic. public health issue in 2016. Hundreds of thousands of American veterans of the Vietnam War.

 · The government closed El Toro in July 1999 without any thought of the impact of toxic chemicals on the thousands of Marines and their dependents who served on the base over 56 years. The Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR) in March 1991 paid a visit to El Toro as part of the requirement to conduct a public health assessment of the Superfund site.

 · the battle for benefits While the VA’s primary function is to tend to the soldiers most badly injured during their time of service, it wasn’t there to support some soldiers after Vietnam. When many returning Vietnam veterans began to develop health problems after the war, the government refused to acknowledge that Agent Orange was to blame.

Camp Lejeune Toxic Water Battle Continues – North Carolina Health News. A campaign demanding redress for veterans, family members and base workers exposed to tainted drinking water at the eastern North Carolina military installation remains alive.

Fort McClellan’s toxic exposure history is long and involved outside industry as well as the US Army’s own chemical, biological, and radiological materials. Starting in the 1920s, Fort McClellan and Anniston, AL, were home to polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), mace, tear gas, mustard gas, white phosphorus, Cobalt (Co-60), uranium, plutonium.

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Take exclusive look inside Russia's Arctic military base Phenols, ethyl benzene, and benzene have been detected in ground water on base, and toulene in surface water on base. Hill AFB, UT Seepage water near two disposal areas contains toxic organic chemicals, such as trichloroethylene (TCE), 1-2 dichloroethane, and 1,1,1 trichlorethane.

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Veterans potentially exposed to toxic waste at nearly 140 military bases. Sue Frasier has been unsuccessful in her fight for a national health registry for veterans who served at Fort McClellan between 1935 and 1999. Frasier went through basic training in 1970, when the base was home to the Army Chemical Corps and the Women’s Army Corps. Nearby Anniston had a chemical plant that manufactured PCBs.