For foreign wives of Saudi Arabian men, legal limbo sometimes awaits

These 9 Saudi Kings Gave Birth to 316 Children in Total! Unbelievable! It is basically against principles of marriage and treats woman as purely sexual objects and their children to be given some part of the large inheritance and wealth of theSaud.

Exclusive: in her first television interview, the former wife of King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia claims her four daughters have suffered years

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Saudi Arabia. Foreign governments have praised the Saudi government for the ostensible success of the rehabilitation program in thwarting terrorist activity, largely overlooking the fact that the.

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Saudi Arabia approved a law regulating marriage between its citizens and foreigners after several years of haggling because of widening rifts among law makers on the landmark law, the official.

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The divorce rate in Saudi Arabia is on the rise. Five cases of divorce is reported in every one hour. The divorce rate in Saudi Arabia is on the rise. Five cases of divorce is reported in every.

Saudi films have been making waves abroad, using the internet to circumvent distribution channels and sometimes the stern gaze of state censors. "Wadjda", by Saudi female director Haifaa Al Mansour,

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is a monarchy ruled by the Al-Saud family.. The sponsorship system limited the rights of foreign workers and remained a. The government occasionally withheld medical care from prisoners. the male guardian is legally able to prevent the travel of his spouse and his.

A Cabinet decision taken two years ago granting permanent residency to foreign wives, widows and divorcees of Saudi citizens, has come into effect. The decision will also give permanent iqamas to.

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The legal system of Saudi Arabia is based on Sharia, Islamic law derived from the Qur’an and the Sunnah (the traditions) of the Islamic prophet Muhammad. The sources of Sharia also include Islamic scholarly consensus developed after Muhammad’s death. Its interpretation by judges in Saudi Arabia is influenced by the 18th century wahhabism.

Despite Pokemon Go not yet being officially available in ultra-conservative Saudi Arabia, many have downloaded it illegally and have joined the global frenzy of hunting for virtual pocket monsters.

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